I bet you forgot you’d subscribed…

Today I want to let you into my world a little more and tell you what sort of content you’ll be getting from me.

So these latest months, my organisational skills (and indeed emotions) have been pumping iron at the gym!

I’ve been relocating, diving into a new relationship, and taking part-time responsibility for a pair of energy-ball twins!

Now’s the time for me to start re-engaging with those of you who have signed up for my mailing list and/or have worked with me.

I intend these emails to be informal insights into my world.

I expect a lot of you have come to me because you are familiar with the feeling of overwhelm, want to be better organised, and to bring your gifts into the world to a greater level.

Well, that’s where I can certainly help. I am organised, I understand the tech and I want you to be reaching more people and bringing this world into greater balance!

As such, these past months I’ve been delivering the first round of Purpose In Action (PIA). The PIA program has been helping wonderful folks just like you to achieve the key principles that I teach. They are:

1. Reclaiming structure
2. Having a system
3. Taking consistent, focused action

I’ll be sending more out about these points soon. For now, you can check out more about the Purpose In Action program here:


I hope these emails will give you some insight into me and my lot. Together I expect we can grow and achieve many things.

So reach out if you want to chat and share where you are with your business and life!

I’d love to hear from you.


David Schofield
The Ethical Organiser

P.S. My NEW WEBSITE is coming soon. You can see the old one here for now:


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